Monday, August 22, 2005

1st day of school

I guess that I am officially a law student now. Considering that all of orientation was about how hard school was it doesn't seem that bad except of course that they want me to read and understand stuff. The highlights so far have been a girl announcing that she is a stripper in class, meeting someone from DC and being so excited I didn't care that he was a Republican (this will change I am sure), and of course the 100 + heat of Texas.

Onto important things. I really liked the end of SFU. I won't go into detail untill I am sure that everyone has seen it but I thought it was fitting. My DVR is working nicely and I am gearing up for the new tv season, even if I do have to watch it all delayed.

Most importantly my old boss Michael Stoops is going to be interviewed for the Daily Show, I will let you all know when it is going to be on.


jody said...

I really liked the end of SFU too. Except for some unfortunate make-up.

Kate C. said...

On my second viewing, I really liked the finale of 6 Feet Under too. Although Jody is write that the makeup was very unfortunate and I'm not sure (an un-stoned) Claire would ever say "Thank you for giving me life." But I was in tears, esp. over poor Keith, and I love it that Claire moved to New York City.

Kym said...

But why did Claire dye her hair blonde? This confused me.

jody said...

I was in tears too. In fact, (confession following) I have watched it 3 times and the last time I was sobbing.

It is wierd that Claire dyed her hair. And why did she never look any older until her deathbed?

I did like it that the show ended with her. And did you know she was a Pisces? And she taught at Tisch at NYU? After checking out television without pity (on the advice of my nieces) I read the obituaries of all the characters on HBO.

Obits for the Fisher Family

Kym said...

Betsy contends that Claire's hair simply faded out from old age, see my father's, but I still think it was a bad dye job. Dad's hair may be faded, but it is still reddish, not blonde. Mom, however, continues to argue with me so we will have to sit down for another viewing to solve this disagreement.