Saturday, August 30, 2008

High TV Ratings for Democratic Convention

This convention was the most-watched of either party since Nielsen began measuring convention ratings in 1960.

Obama's speech had 39.3 million viewers. Not quite as many as watched Michael Phelps win his last race, but more than watched the Olympic opening ceremony.

Go Obama/Biden 2008!

Finally Keith is off Project Runway

That guy really drove me crazy. I couldn't stand how he kept talking about his "art" and his "conceptual" and "progressive" fashion and how hard it is to be "progressive" in Salt Lake City. If its so hard, move.

Here is an interview with the aufed designer- he seems even more irritating than he did on the show. Though yelling at his model for sitting down was pretty bad.

Am I overreacting?

Is it just me

or did the Daily Show seem a little off its game while covering the Democratic Convention. I didn't watch all the coverage, but that I did see didn't seem that funny. Maybe it would have been better if if could have been live.

Friday, August 29, 2008

So Sayeth Jane, part 2

Here is the link to the article.

Jane- Thank you for representing the Culkin Family. How did you happen to find a NY Times reporter anyway?

So Sayeth Jane

So, I'm on the subway at 7 this morning on my way to the Bronx, reading the NY Times coverage of the convention. And who do I see quoted--our Jane! Of course she is so cool that it makes sense that the reporter would pick her out of a crowd of 80,000.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Kym

Happy Birthday Kym. Do you consider it auspicious that Obama will deliver his big speech on your birthday? I hope you are feeling better, and the cake drought of 2006 is not repeated. Perhaps Betsy's carrot cake is on the agenda?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Much (Almost)

The Democratic Convention coming on the heals of the Olympics is almost too much to take. And the CNN coverage is horrific. Let the Clinton supporters won't vote for Obama story go guys. Michelle Obama was great, although I felt bad that it was decided not once (I don't think) to mention that she went to Princeton and Harvard and instead to stress she liked the Brady Bunch.

Happy Anniversary Red Peonies Part 2

Not in any particular order, a whole bunch of photos from last year.

Petco Park in San Diego
Bill and Eric packing the car to return to Denver

Wedding shots

Back at the stands
The Poketo folks in San Diego

Reggie Hudlin
Back to the wedding
What a cook!

Calvin and Brian K. Vaughn

Scott Mccloud, Douglas Rushkoff and Marianne Petit
Chris Stein and his beautiful daughter Maya threatened by the wicked witch of the west at NY ComicCon

Calvin and Scott McCloud at Splat