Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Red Fox Books

A few months ago, I posted my friends Suzy and Naftali's call for books for their bookstore in Glens Falls. Suzy recently sent out an update on their bookstore's progress.

Hi everyone,
Once again, we apologize for the group email, but we
are so incredibly busy that we haven't had time for
correspondence. We apologize and hope that you still
count us as friends! (Family members don't get much
of a choice in the matter).

We are doing well and enjoying Glens Falls and life in
the North Country. It's beautiful up here. We're a
few minutes from the Adirondacks, and the countryside
to the east of us is spectacular. We encourage you
all to visit.

We have a small apartment but hope to buy a house
within the next year or so. (Our apartment is above
the store, so we won't have far to commute. No more
#7 train).

The store is under construction/renovation. We've
attached a photo of the entrance. This was a solid
brick wall just a few weeks ago. If you visit our
website, www.redfoxbookstore.com, we will update the
photos as the construction progresses.

Our planned opening date is mid-October, hopefully
right after Columbus Day. We will also have our
website up and running by then. It will be hosted by
Booksense.com, the marketing branch of the American
Booksellers Association. This will allow customers
from far and near to order books online and have
access to a huge distributor's database as well as our
store inventory. It's just like Amazon except you'll
be supporting a local independent (and your dear

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Kym!

Today is Kym's birthday. Here is a picture of her dying Easter eggs with Molly in 1983. I hope she has some cake today.


On Friday, Jody and I caught the early train to visit Hosmer, who has made his triumphant return to Oswego. We rented a car in Syracuse, which was kind of a slow process as the rental agent locked himself in the garage when he went to get our car. Hosmer was out to lunch with his friend Carol, so Jody and I immediately hit the Stands, where we dodged very aggressive seagulls and gazed out at Lake Ontario. We spent the afternoon catching up with Hosmer, then went to Avanti Bistro for dinner, which was delicious.

On Saturday, Hosmer told us he wanted to drive to the east side of Oswego County. Before heading out of town, we stopped by to pay our respects to the oldest tree in town, which had died and was being cut down. Our drive took us to the Fiddler's Hall of Fame, located in Osceola, New York. It happened to be the date of the Annual Summer Round Up, so we listened to some great music and had a tasty lunch, including salt potatoes. After a scenic drive back through the lush upstate New York greenery, we hung out in the living room and listed to jazz cds. We eventually headed out to Patz (forever known as Admiral Woolsey's to me) for a great dinner. Our waitress was the woman who used to run the Pleasant Beach in Fair Haven; her husband was the chef for the night. For those who remember this nice couple from Poland, it was sad to see they had had to close the Pleasant Beach, but good to hear their daughter now has a masters in neurobiology and is applying to medical school.

On Sunday, Jody made a yummy breakfast. We spent the day listening to some more music, reading the New York Times and looking at old photograph albums. Jody and I eventually had to leave. Of course, as we were traveling on Amtrack, the train was late. But even that annoying fact did not mar the fun of the weekend.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beer, Marvelous Beer

While I enjoyed the wine in Argentina, I am a beer drinker at heart. My friend Greg has an interesting post about beer and movies on his blog, Movieboy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 6

The wedding day arrived. We took it easy in the morning, because in the letter Ariana had sent to the guests she wrote, "Be ready to dance all party long, and yes, a light breakfast on this day is also a good idea, as the wedding menu is exquisite and has courses that span many hours." She also warned, "If you get tired and want to return to the hotel earlier, please find Maria Ester, our Wedding Assistant, and have her arrange for car to take you from the Lowlands to the Ulises and be prepared for a lot of teasing on Monday re: your stamina."

At 11 two busses picked up the wedding guests and drove us Temple Dr. Max Nordau. It was really fun to drive through the residential neighborhoods of Argentina, where tourists rarely go. The Rabbi, who performed the ceremony in a mix of English, Spanish, and Hebrew, was the bride's cousin and got so chocked up at one point he had to stop and compose himself. The bride herself looked great in a Grace Kellyish dress--no big bridal poofs here. The couple actually lives in Rochester and went on their first date in Genesso, which the rabbi mentioned. It was kind of thrilling to hear the name an upstate New York town on the other end of the world.

After the ceremony we returned to the busses and went to The Lowlands, originally a club for Scottish ex-pats that now hosts receptions, etc. It was a beautiful building. The eating and drinking started immediately. During the cocktail hour, there several kinds of food to choose from, including ravioli, mini corned beef sandwiches, and sushi. Ariana's mother warned Neilson and me, "You must be very careful at weddings in Argentina. There will be food for hours. Don't eat too much now." Soon the dancing started with the Hora. We had all expected it to come later in the evening, but it got the dancing off with a bang, and the bride and groom managed to stay on their chairs.

And then the sit-down meal began. We sat with the same NYU group as at the lunch. (Apparently the groom had wanted tables mixed, so everyone met new people. The bride won out, and friends got to sit with friends.) The first course was sweetbreads wrapped in filo dough, which wasn't overly popular at our American table. But it is an Argentine specialty (they like to use the whole cow!), so we all at least tried a bite. For the next several hours we went from the dance floor to the table to the dance floor. Groove to Madonna (a favorite of the bride), eat some steak and cheesy potatoes, drink some champagne, boogie to some Motown classics, eat some chocolate marquis, get down to some more 80s rock. Along the way there was a slideshow of the bride and groom's lives and toasts in English and Spanish (including one in which Ariana's brother said he never thought this day would come, which the rabbi also said during the ceremony. Strangely, this is the second wedding I attended this summer in which skepticism about the bride's marriagability was a central topic of conversation.) After the first dessert, the Dulche Table (the sweet table) came out-or make that sweet tables. There were at least four or five tables covered with almost any sweet you can imagine--gelato, dulce de leche crepes,puddings in at least 3 flavors, cakes and cookies of all shapes and sizes.

The dancing slowed as the guests consumed more and more food. That is, until a waiter distributed absurd hats to everyone, along with rattles in various shapes, including soccer shoes and hamburgers. Apparently it is a Argentine tradition that all weddings include a Carnivale near the end. And it is a great idea. Because once you have on a ridiculous hat, you no longer worry if you look ridiculous on the dance floor. Soon a conga line snaked its way around the room, up the stairs and back down. All that dancing worked up an appetite in some people, and waiters and waitresses walked around distributing the final course--mini chorizo sandwiches. I couldn't eat another bite, but Dan and Neilson both managed to eat a few.

Near the end of the wedding, the bride and groom cut the cake, but it was reserved for a party the next day. Good thing, as the Dulche Table had almost done us all in.

At long last the party was over. It was only around 9:30, but, as the party had started at 2, it seemed much later. Back on the bus and to sleep.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Red Peonies Anniversary Photos

Happy Anniversary Red Peonies

Today is the first anniversary of Red Peonies. It has been an eventful year for our contributors--people have moved across the country, started law school, started big projects, ended big projects, studied for a Ph.D. exam, cropped off hair, published articles, run marathons, biked New York's 5 boroughs, exhibited their art and scholarship, adopted a dog, seen pets through various crises, mourned friends and family members, traveled the country and the world, returned to work, and seen Anders and Aidan grow and grow. And still found time to watch the Olympics, the Sopranos, and Veronica Mars obsessively.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past year. (I am going to add more later, when blogger stops acting up.) I would love to see other contributors photos documenting the last 12 months.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Anders

I didn't have internet access over the weekend, so I am now wishing a belated Happy Birthday to Anders, who turned 1 on August 19. I did talk to him and Sarah and on the phone and I believe birthday pictures will be posted soon. Until then, here are some taken around Anders 11 month birthday.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 5

This was probably my favorite day of the trip. In the morning, we moved from the Hotel Lion D'Or to the wedding hotel, which we decided to slurge on to be part of the wedding scene. Because, you see, everyone in the hotel was going to the wedding. The Hotel Lion D'Or was charming though. Like many of the places we stayed, it seemed like it had a once glorious past and was full of beautiful art deco details, even if our room was small and windowless. It was the one place that didn't include breakfast, so, before our move, we had a tasty breakfast of yes! media lunas and cafe con leche at a little cafe across the street. Both of the hotels were in the Recoleta neighborhood, which was lovely, much more elegant and quiet than our previous quarters in the downtown Microcenter area.

After our move, we went to the Recoleta Cemetery, which was just around the corner. I love visiting cemeteries and this one was amazing--full of beautiful but creepy mausoleums, including one for Evita. It also houses another band of friendly "wild" cats. There was one kitty hanging around in front of Evita's tomb who was beautiful and charming and very vocal and demanding--I thought perhaps Evita's spirit had inhabited her. We spent quite awhile photographing tombs and felines, then checked out the craft fair outside. Unlike many of these fairs, this one was full of things you actually want to buy--elegent scarves and handcrafted silver and leather goods.

The time arrived to begin the wedding festivities. We were invited to a "Thank You For Coming to the End of the World" lunch hosted by the bride and groom at the restaurant Rio Alba, near the race track. We finally got to say hello to Ariana, the bride, and meet the groom, Michael. Then we were seated with Nancy, my old boss and good friend from the NYU archives, and her family, and Dan, another graduate student friend, and his boyfriend. It was nice after a week of touristing in a country where we didn't speak the language to meet people it was easy to talk to.

But on to the food. Neilson and I agree that not only was this the best meal of the trip, it may have be among the best meals of our lives. We started out with platters of olives, cheese and various fatty meat products, followed by salads. Everyone was offered a choice of salmon, chicken, or steak, but our table voted unanimously for steak. Of course! The restaurant is well-known for its excellent service, and our waiter handled carrying out ten large juicy steaks at once with grace. Perfect crispy french fries (plain and with garlic and parsley) then appeared on the table, along with grilled provolone. The grilled cheese, another Argentine speciality, was delicious, although so rich several people mentioned they might be slipping into a food coma. But that was not all--vanilla gelato studded with dulche de leche and topped by nuts ended the meal. And of course there was plenty of wine and mineral water, "con gas" and "sin gas."

Eventually we all rolled out of the restaurant to try and recover from the meal with a walk back to the hotel. Amazingly, people wanted to go out to dinner eventually. We choose a place just across from the cemetery, Munich Recolta, which had walls covered with the heads of various animals and great old waiters who had worked there for years. We retired early to make sure we had energy for the big day to follow.


Hotel Lion D'Or

In front of cemetery

Evita cat

4 cats trying to keep warm

Exterior view

Steak delivery

Sight on the walk back