Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Memorable Merry Month of May

May was a whirlwind of activity.
May 1--Trip to new Yankee Stadium
May 2--5 Borough Bike Ride
May 7--Department elections (ask me about this off-blog!)
May 8--Turn 40
May 9--Recover from turning 40/dinner with Neilson's father and step-mother
May 15--Drive to Geneva to hang out with Sarah, Anders, Sonja, GrandMary and Mom
May 17--Drive home from Geneva
May 18-20--Give and grade final exams, turn in final grades
May 19--Department Party
May 22--Graduation luncheon for Verizon program on City Island
May 23--Drive to Vermont for college-friends reunion. Go on ill-fated hike, in which we arrive at summit for the second time as we thought we were heading towards the bottom
May 24--Drive to Boston for NEH workshop
May 24-30--NEH workshop on American Lyceum, which includes trips to Concord, Salem
and Worchester. Activies go from 8-5 each day, which social outings each
night. Except the night I visited the Bagleys and the night I did research
from 6-10.
May 30--Give final presentation. Do research from 12-4. Take train home.
May 31--Hang out with Audrey and recover.

All in all, a fun, memorable month. Although I am hoping for a quiet, productive June.

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Trish said...

t was a great month, Kate, even it makes me tired to just read this!