Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary

50_mary hosmer c. 1992
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Today would have been Mary's 65th birthday. I've been thinking about her a lot lately, maybe because there are so many things happening that she would have enjoyed. How much would she have loved the new generation of Culkin munchkins? And dancing in a ski coat at Eric's wedding? She would have been excited to talk to Kym about her dissertation, and Janelle and Jane about college, and me about my book (or so I like to think). And Obama! And Michelle Obama! They would have made her very happy. I always wish she had met Neilson--they would have spent hours talking about the evils of Republicans. And I'm sure she would have been satisfied that I fell in with a libra. I know it always pleased her that she shared a birthday with Carrie Fisher, so she would have gotten a kick out of Fisher's recent renaissance.

ETA: On the subway, I thought of a few more things Mary would have been enjoying these days. Celebrating the fact that there is a female lawyer in the family. Philosophizing with Marc. Keith Olberman and, even more, Rachel Maddow.

If Mary were around, I'm sure we would all be heading to Boulder for a party in her great house. I always think of the parties there when I hear Bruce Springsteen sing "Mary's Place." I don't have any real belief in an afterlife, but I still like to think of Mary, Florence, Hosmer and Elvis (the cat) sitting around together, having a cocktail and some cheese, crackers, and pepperoni. With occasional visits from Betty Connolly.


jody said...

Thanks Kate.

Trish said...

Very, very nice, Kate. Thanks for posting this. This song has always reminded me of Mary, and I agree that she would have loved to spend time with all her grown-up nieces and nephews, and with the little munchkin generation too.

Kate C. said...

And Mad Men. I knew I was forgetting something else that had reminded me of Mary recently.