Tuesday, May 04, 2010

GO...Baby Go Go

A good friend of mine and her mother, Katie Winchester Wylonis and Margaret Winchester, have started a new toy company, Little Sib. The company' s mission is to create gender balanced toys that appeal to both boys and girls. Their first product line, Baby GoGo is in production and available for purchase.

From www.babygogodoll.com

"Baby GoGo™ by Little Sib reinvents the baby doll for the 21st century. Baby GoGo™ is a modern doll, appropriate for a boy or a girl to play with. Baby GoGo™ is a baby doll like most children today - bright and on the move. The Baby GoGo™ line includes stories, outfits and accessories featuring rich, contemporary colors that children will recognize from their own wardrobes and surroundings. Baby GoGo™ is a 13" doll,appropriate for toddlers and preschool age children.
Baby GoGo's adventures are beautifully documented in a series of full color storybooks, to be released with a companion outfit and/or accessory. The first book, Baby GoGo™ Goes Home, tells children the story of Baby GoGo™ leaving the hospital after being born and meeting siblings for the first time! The book comes packaged with Baby GoGo™ dressed in our sleepytime outfit and a cozy, soft blankie. Baby GoGo™ offers children, parents, and grandparents a fresh new look at the baby doll, an old and faithful friend."

Please visit the website and spread the word.

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