Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Room With A View

As some of you know, I made a quick trip to Florence last week. It was a little insane, but I have a friend living there for a year, and I have failed to visit other friends living in fabulous places in the past and always regretted it. I told Hosmer I was thinking of going the last weekend I spent with him, and it was one of the few times he seem really engaged and excited. (Also I remember him talking about visiting Florence with Florence once, and he put his arm around her shoulders and said "It is your city dear." At which she gave her signature eye roll.). The living room in the apartment where I stayed had a view of Duomo. I saw many martyred saints and ate many plates of pasta and cups of gelato. What more can you ask of a trip? Here are some photos; you can see more on flickr.

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jody said...

What a great story about Hosmer and Florence.

And what a beautiful city!