Thursday, December 04, 2008

Be careful what Sonja is exposed to in these first few months

As some of you know, Bobby has been scanning a lot of the Brennan family slides. They are great. I had never seen a lot of them, including some of my first few months on Gay Street in New York City. All I can say is, it seems some patterns were set pretty early in my life.
Here I am in an old Greenwich Village apartment full of books on white shelves, heated by old radiators, just like now.

Here I am in front of an arrangement of cute objects and flowers, just like in my apartment now.

Here I am taking a walk on the streets of New York, one of my favorite activities.

Here I am chatting with a dapper guy with the NY Times nearby. (Neilson takes fashion inspiration from both Grand Daddy Bob and Hosmer).

Here I am in the footlocker bassinet my mom found on the street, the first of many pieces of furniture and clothing found that way. (Just this spring, my mom and I found a great floor lamp on the street while on a walk to see the Gay Street apartment).

Here I am hanging out in the bed, still one my favorite places.


Molly said...

This is really funny and alarming. Your stroller looks like your wagon for the kittys doesn't it?

Kate C. said...

That is true! I didn't even think of that.

jody said...

These are such cute pictures! I have been checking them all out on Trish's flickr account.