Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Sappiness

Is the feeling of inaugural day optimism fading? This video, filmed during the inaugural week, may help bring it back. It's creator, Emily Troutman, explains, " For this photo essay, I asked people in DC to pick words to represent how they feel this week, at the dawn of a new beginning for the United States. Participants chose from 26 words:

Alive, Angry, Anxious, Awed, Believe, Curious, Dancer, Excited, Grateful, Happy, Hopeful, Human, Humble, Jealous, Joyful, Love, Obama, Patient, Proud, Ready, Scared, Skeptical, Tired, Together, Wonder, Worried

Children tended to choose the words Love and Obama because they are easy. But happy was a close third. For the other participants, Hopeful and Proud won the day. People with family or friends chose Together to represent the importance of experiencing the inauguration with the ones they love."

Also, I just realized the song in this video is by the same band behind the "I got soul" Nike commercial, The Killers. I am kind of disconnected from the music scene these days, but I am a sucker for these kind of ridiculously emotional but catchy songs.


Sarah said...

I think that the optimism is fading in some Americans; however, we need to remember that Obama inherited this mess and that it took 8 years to create. I think it will take more than a few months to repair. I still say, "Go Obama".

Kym said...

Thanks for posting this Kate. This was a long, hard week for me and I needed a touch of my sappy optimism back. I too am a sucker for such things.