Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pictures of Beloved Pets Request

I am learning how to use iMovie and want to make a video of pictures of beloved pets and their people. Would anyone mind if I use pictures published here or on Facebook of various family pets? Or, do any of you have any especially cute pictures of your animals and you and your animals that you might want to send me? If so, you all know my e-mail.


Trish said...

Fine with me, Kate. This is a great idea. I'll send you some that never made it to Facebook, too. I have some good ones of Johnny's cats, and we could probably get some of Seamus, Evie, and Janeie's cats too.

Kym said...

Feel free to use the pictures I've posted. I'm sure I have some I never remembered to post too so I'll look through my files.