Sunday, August 20, 2006

Carnival of the Cats, 126

Elvis and Audrey are proud to welcome you to Carnival of the Cats, #126! For you reading convenience, they have divided the entries into a few categories, but all submissions are wonderful and worth reading. Next week, see the Carnival at Catmology. And for more animal goodness, visit Friday Ark, which is celebrating its 100th birthday this week.

(Please note a few additions at the end that I missed in the first go-round.)


Myke toasts Scooter’s 18th birthday in “That Darn Old Cat.”

Celebrate a purrthday at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Jeff honors Queen Mother Salem at Athenamama.

A survivor from South Carolina searches for new friends at Jelly Pizza.

Kirbside discusses his new arrivals at Kirbside Musings.

Sillie Lizzie introduces us to Baby and Boo Boo at Sillie Lizzie’s Rock.

Meet Isabella, the much needed third cat at Acme Anvil Co.

Tigger the Terror tells of a Virtual Animal Shelter at Cat-n-Scratch.

Farmgirl asks for help for Big Cats in Trouble Farmgirl Fare.

Honor National Homeless Animal Day at Wildrun.

Bucky the Cat interviews Mabel the Dog at The Secondhand Dog.

Granny J. tells us about Miss Kitty's Cat House
at Walking Prescott.

Cats Beat Dogs at Watermark.


Contemplate how to prioritize cats and books at Mind of Mog.

Aunty Holly teaches us to make an “Object d’Shred.”

Sissy Willis teaches us about Feline Body Language at SiSu.

Kimberly discusses how to photograph a cat at Music and Cats.


Clara gets busted at Anniemiz.

Willow, Rhett and Chloe play the Blame Game at Mélange.

Rico Loco protests at The Misadventures of Rico Loco.

Lady and Houdini act innocent at Far Cartouche

Chris Dolley shows us vampire cats and more.

Meankitty lists the rules at Meankitty Says . . .


Aloysius at Catymology butters up a human on a rainy day.

Matata enjoys the sun, courtesy of Blog d’Ellison.

Henry keeps warm on the screened porch at Texas Oasis.

Her Ladyship and Missy beat the heat at Elms in the Yard.

Harley suffers for the great outdoors at Solidly Average.


CC makes the most of a broken faucet at The Peach Pit.

KT Cat at The Scratching Post contemplates deep thoughts.

Huckleberry gets comfortable, while Bagheera gets a surprise, at Wes Phillips Blog.

Squeaker and Harley hang out
at T. Bird on a Wire.

Pixel and Pasha look down from on high at Just Between Strangers.

Little Tinker relaxes on her perch at Curiouser & Curiouser.

Tess takes a break at the Hidden Paw.

Charlie squeezes in at Kids, Cats and Books.

Maggie shows us a favorite Kitty Spot at Maggies Meanderings and Shameless Plugs.

Athena asks for worship at Composite Drawings.

Rocket takes a nap at Keewee's Corner.

Eli and Bows hog the computer at Val's Bien.

The Divine Miss Marilyn reintroduces herself at Leslie’s Omnibus.

Jaxson pays a visit at Middle Fork.

Cali and Chester get scritched at Grapevine's Ramblings.

Maddie and Ivy survive a busy human week at Strange Ranger.

Ping catches denim fever at Manx Mnews.

Kimberly shows us the beautiful eyes of Princess Lotus Blossom and Riley, The Cutest Cat in The World© at Anchored by Grace.

Appreciate RicoLoco's new bed in a bag
at No Deep Thoughts.

Admire Krissie's beautiful tummy and more Eyecandy at Mind of Mog.

See cats and chili pepper poppers at Ego.

I seem to have missed a few posts. Apologies.

Mr. Gato sits on a pedestal at Enrevanche.

Be amazed by a rubber kitten at House of Chaos.


Sissy Willis said...

Great job . . . You two cats are to be congratulated! :)

Barry said...

Nice job with the Carnival. I think you may have missed Mister Gato this time around -

enrevanche: Cat on a pedestal

Babeth said...

Lovely page. And it seems you might have missed the House of Chaos too. I thought I had it posted ? The rubber Kitten...

K T Cat said...

Thanks for hosting! Great job!

Aloysius said...

A fine carnival. Thanks so much!

P.S. And it's stopped raining here, too, so I've gotta go hunt some moths.

Chuck said...

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Chuck said...

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