Monday, August 28, 2006


On Friday, Jody and I caught the early train to visit Hosmer, who has made his triumphant return to Oswego. We rented a car in Syracuse, which was kind of a slow process as the rental agent locked himself in the garage when he went to get our car. Hosmer was out to lunch with his friend Carol, so Jody and I immediately hit the Stands, where we dodged very aggressive seagulls and gazed out at Lake Ontario. We spent the afternoon catching up with Hosmer, then went to Avanti Bistro for dinner, which was delicious.

On Saturday, Hosmer told us he wanted to drive to the east side of Oswego County. Before heading out of town, we stopped by to pay our respects to the oldest tree in town, which had died and was being cut down. Our drive took us to the Fiddler's Hall of Fame, located in Osceola, New York. It happened to be the date of the Annual Summer Round Up, so we listened to some great music and had a tasty lunch, including salt potatoes. After a scenic drive back through the lush upstate New York greenery, we hung out in the living room and listed to jazz cds. We eventually headed out to Patz (forever known as Admiral Woolsey's to me) for a great dinner. Our waitress was the woman who used to run the Pleasant Beach in Fair Haven; her husband was the chef for the night. For those who remember this nice couple from Poland, it was sad to see they had had to close the Pleasant Beach, but good to hear their daughter now has a masters in neurobiology and is applying to medical school.

On Sunday, Jody made a yummy breakfast. We spent the day listening to some more music, reading the New York Times and looking at old photograph albums. Jody and I eventually had to leave. Of course, as we were traveling on Amtrack, the train was late. But even that annoying fact did not mar the fun of the weekend.

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It was really fun!