Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday July 31

On Monday, we took the ferry to Colonia, a small charming town on the water in Uruguay. The boat ride took about an hour, over beautiful clear waves, but it was disapointing that we had to ride inside the cabin. Once there, we learned there was no need to change money--both American and Argentine dollars were readily accepted. We spent the afternoon touring the beautiful historic district, eating lunch on the cobblestone plaza in front of the ruins of a 17th century convent, and walking along the beach. In the evening we learned that the city's sunsets are famed for a reason. For dinner, we partook of the special at Candela--2 pizzas and a litre of beer for 130 Uruguaian dollars (exchange rate--23 Uruguaian dollars=1 American dollar).

Lunch in the plaza

Mushrooms with garlic and parsley

On the dock

Lovely trees

Cute old building

Famous Sunset

Dinner Special

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