Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It wasn't sold out.....

I went to Elizabeth's wedding shower in Cambridge Sunday (it was really terrific -- Erin and Liz's friends did an amazing job of putting everything together). Erin and her mother Kathy even stayed up until 2 am frosting some very wonderful cookies.

Barb, Grandmary and I decided to go see a movie after the shower since it was only 3 o'clock. "Sex and The City" was playing at the Cambridge Theater pretty close by so we decided on that -- not for the wedding theme, which we didn't even realize was so dominant, but just because we all wanted to see it.

Mom and Barb were all dressed up in peach and yellow outfits (for the shower) and when the ticket taker saw them coming, she said (with a big indulgent smile), "Sex and the City, right?". We think she thought they had dressed for the movie! HA!

As for the movie..... it was GREAT! -- we all liked it. I've seen most of the series, but neither Barb or Mom had seen any of it, and it didn't matter at all. A really good time was had by all.


Kate C. said...

Sounds like a great day!

jody said...

Perfectly dressed for the movie. Looks like fun!