Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Excerpts from the Culkin Gazette

Here are few excerpts from the Culkin Gazette, published by Frank, Mary, Betsy and Jimmy Franklin in 1955.

Stop Light Won't Stop, by Frank
In a rather comical situation, it was found that Weese's car stop light wouldn't stop. Dad finally stopped it by kicking the brake but it later went on again and Father and Tommy both kicked it to no avail. Finally it was taken to Blunts where it was fixed.

We need a dog, by Betsy
Mother agrees that we should have a dog. I don't think we want a four year old boxer. Jodie would be scared. A cocker spaniel or collie would be nice.

Lets Move the Girls, by Mary.
There has been talk of moving Betsy and Flo to the playroom for many weeks. But not a thing has been done. We wish that something would be done, as Jody and Bill are too big for their beds. Jody has been moved temporarily to the extra bed in the girls room, but we do not know if she will stay. Lets try to get them up there this week end. While on the subject of moving, what happened to moving Frank's train downstairs?

Poem by Flo
Last year I went to the fair
I rode on a pony and saw what was there.

I went on the Merry go round, round, and round
And went on the rolley coaster up and down.

Special to the Editors, by the Printer (Florence was the printer).
I am sorry this edition of the paper was delayed by Bill's illness. You will be glad to hear that he is better today. However, I wish to state the copy for the paper must be in the printer's hands by Thursday night, as I believe we should think a bit about spelling, punctuation, etc and corrections made by the Editor (with the help of a dictionary, I hope). Thank you for your attention and a happy Valentine's day to all.)


Trish said...

Kate -- this is priceless; thanks for posting this. Mom

Trish said...

I can't tell if Florence the printer sounds more like Paris or Rory.

Kate C. said...

Florence seems to combine a little Rory and a little Paris. I love how everyone's contribution seems to capture their adult personalities.