Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sheepshead Bay wedding

Yesterday I went to a wedding luncheon for Michael and Desiree, whom some of you have met. (They got married in a very small ceremony on Cape Cod last weekend.) It was in an Italian restaurant, in Sheepshead Bay. I had never had been there, but I want to go again and do some food exploring. The restaurant looked out at the bay, which was filled with boats, swans, horseshoe crabs, and a blue heron. The five course meal included two of my all time favorites: pasta with broccoli rabe and filet mignon. I loved the fact that the groom's son from his first marriage spent the entire time reading the final Harry Potter book. He told me, "I want to stop reading but I can't."

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Trish said...

This restaurant sounds wonderful, Kate. I'd love to go there sometime.