Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ikea Flashback

So as some of you may know, I am speaking at a conference in Norway tomorrow on the topic of music and borders. Turns out that it takes a very long time to get to northern Norway from southern Texas, over 24 hours in fact. This is because not many flights leave for Kirkenes. As a result I have been sitting, standing, walking, and generally passing the time in the Oslo airport for approximately 6 hours. Due to security regulations I couldn't leave the airport once my bags were checked and since the airport is over 40km away from downtown, I was less tempted to haul my luggage around than I might have otherwise have been. The lack of sleep made it even less appealing. Luckily the airport has wireless and it is surprisingly comfortable, although if you dose off for a second you wake up convinced you have fallen asleep in an Ikea display. Serioulsy, I've never been in an airport so concerned with both design and, weirdly, comfort. Although plugs are in amazingly short supply, even for an airport. I've taken some pictures so you can share the experience with me.

More later, they are boarding my flight.


Kate C. said...

Good luck! Is there shopping in the airport? I am wearing a skirt I purchased in the Copenhagen airport today.

Trish said...

I have fond memories of this airport. I was in Oslo when I found out that Anders was on the way and I had to fly out of there really early. Everyone was really helpful and actually rerouted me with a better itinerary. I didn't quite make it, but I was impressed by the civility. I like the Amsterdam airport too.

I loved Norway, and I hope you get a chance to travel a little. Good luck with your talk.

jody said...

I hope your talk went great! I am sure it did. (I tried to post earlier but from my ipod and it didn't work.)