Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Runway Update

Art, politics and... Project Runway!!!

I am embarrassed by how much I enjoy watching this show. Even this season when the designers are not that good and complain constantly.

What does everyone think about the exit of Terri and Blayne? Suede (yes, his name is Suede and he talks about himself in the third person) is still there designing boring and poorly constructed clothing. And he is not the only one!

Why did they pick this group? Were the last two groups too talented and professional? Maybe that makes for bad reality tv.


Kate C. said...

Blyane had kind of grown on me. I mean he was annoying, but seemed basically sweet. But that outfit was ridiculous and he needed to go. I was sorry to see Terri leave, as she seems like one of the most talented of this group--certainly more talented than Suede. And no, she doesn't seem to work that well with people, but that guy she was stuck with a jerk and a whiner. The outfit was bad, but most of hers were pretty good. This season, I often have no idea who will be in the top 3 and who will be in the bottom, as everything seems awful

jody said...

Blayne grew on me too, but he wasn't very good. Terri was much more talented. Keith is apalling of course, but I'm not sure Terri would work that well with anyone- she said it herself.

They should have dumped Suede. I would have enjoyed seeing what Terri came up with as a collection.