Sunday, September 28, 2008

Josephine Watching the Debate

Josephine was a little disconcerted by Obama's performance in the debate, but is happy that many pundits and undecided voters seem to disagree with her. Still, she hopes he swings a little harder next time.


Trish said...

Josephine in not alone. Nora Ephron had the same misgivings

and I think a lot of others did too.
Weird how the media seemed to go out of the way to tip it to Obama.

Kate C. said...

It seems like a lot of Obama supporters/liberals thought he didn't do that well. Maybe it is our bloodlust for McCain led us to misjudge the performances. Or maybe the press and moderates are so annoyed by being jerked around and lied to by McCain that they favor Obama no matter what. In any case, I am relieved.

jody said...

I am surprised and relieved too. Although the polls started coming in almost immediately giving it to Obama. And not only the polls mentioned on MSNBC.

Calvin watched the debate in Union Station in DC waiting to get back to NY, I was so nervous watching it alone.

Molly said...

I watched it with a friend of mine who I meet when I interned for the 5th circuit. We both felt that it was a tie because neither one really did anything to convince people that are undecided. There were no game changers.

I did wish Obama would stop saying "John is right on that"

Kate C. said...

I also think Obama needs to counter "What Senator Obama doesn't seem to understand " with "What John doesn't seem to remember."

jody said...

I think it may have actually helped Obama that he agreed with McCain and didn't seem nasty and mean spirited.

I was afraid he was coming off both as a bit defensive and also as too deferential. But I have never understood how people react to these debates, remember Bush "beat" Al Gore supposedly.