Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was very nervous about making a pie for Thanksgiving. I have only made one with out supervision from Grandmary and Barbara, and that was for my friends, who of course are always supportive. This was my first pie for an audience of people I haven't know for 20 years. I did really want to make one, though, because it was having store-bought pie at last year's Thanksgiving that inspired me to learn how to make one. For all my fretting, it turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Several people asked me if "I took a class" to learn how to make pie. Which seemed like a very New Yorker question.

Are there pictures from other Thanksgivings around the country?

My Pie

Otis smiling after tasting the pie. (Seriously)


Molly said...

Am I to understand that your participated in Thanksgiving this year? I am hurt and shocked.

Kate C. said...

I have caved and begun going to Neilson's family Thanksgiving, with the understanding Neilson comes to the Culkin Christmas every other year. Since I won't give up the Culkin Christmas, it is only fair. Also, Otis and the two dogs who attend are the draw. I too am a babyist. (As you are Molly--you know it).

jody said...

Otis is incredibly cute. And apparently he is a fan of pie, me too.

Trish said...

Grandmary and I read your post and saw the pictures today, Kate. The pie is beautiful and Otis is adorable. Grandmary approves (of both) whole heartedly.

I'm glad Otis likes pie -- maybe he will inspire you to try cherry or even lemon meringue next?