Monday, January 19, 2009

In answer to Kate's questions

Sorry about being so remiss on the posting lately. I have been having a grad school related stress spiral and feeling rather blue. But I am determined to bounce back and get this grad school monkey off my back.

My hand is doing much better although I still have to keep it bandaged up. I left it unbandaged for about 10 minutes yesterday and managed to bump it into something and start it bleeding a little and hurting more. It was a necessary reminder that it is not healed completely and I had better keep protecting it. But all in all it should be fine with minimal to no scarring. Most of the hand looks normal again and the thumb is getting there. It is just the spot below my bottom knuckle that had the 3rd degree burns that is the real problem. Lesson learned, hopefully.

Asta is also doing much better. She has a check-up with the vet on Wednesday, one day into the Obama presidency. I am thinking this is good luck. She can walk, very gingerly, on the leg again and almost all the scars are covered up by her hair. We weren't sure it would all grow back again but except for a few spots on the knee she is back to her usual sleek black self. We went for our first walk yesterday. It was a very short one, just around one block but she did very well and was very happy about it all. We will try again later today. It did tire her out. She sat down in the grass of our yard as soon as we reached home.

The good news is that her convalescence has resulted in a lasting friendship with Weese. Turns out Weese was willing to overlook the whole other species thing in favor of the gender politics. Weese may like Cab all right but she is pretty sure you can't trust men, except for my dad, and Matt, but mostly my Dad. He gives her fresh seafood and lots of love so he is definitely worth the love in her eyes. But now Weese and Asta spend a few hours each day sitting outside on the back porch. I don't have to worry about Weese wandering off becasue Asta herds her back onto the porch as soon as she so much as thinks about exploring further. It works for all of us. Weese gets to sun herself. Asta has a new best friend and I have the cat/dog friendship I always hoped for. I have always been a sucker for those calenders with the pictures of the kittens and puppies hanging out together. I will take some pictures of my own soon but so far it has been difficult. Both Weese and Asta come running up to the camera as soon as I pull it out and the pictures have all turned out blurry and too close.

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jody said...

I am glad Asta and Weese are friends, and more importantly, that your hand is healing.