Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration Fever

I am so psyched about the inauguration, it is getting embarrassing. I am DVRing the train trip today to DC with the Obamas and Bidens just so I won't miss any of it when I have to go out. Calvin is in DC for the weekend as usual, I asked him to get me an inauguration souvenir of any type.

Biden's wife is going to continue to teach at a community college in DC, turning down offers from other institutions according to the Times. Go Jill! Happy birthday Michelle Obama! (Like I said, I'm out of control).

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Kate C. said...

I should have known Michelle was a Capricorn--so hard working and serious, but with that goofy side Capricorns never seem to be credited with.

I love these pictures of Malia taking pictures.
(I have a very strong older daughter of two girls identification with Malia. Yes, me, Malia and Daria. How about you Kym?)