Sunday, May 03, 2009

Family Death March--5 borough bike tour edition

I have always had great luck with the 5 Borough Bike tour--dry, temperate weather and no mechanical problems. Today we had drizzle turning to outright rain, a high of 58 degrees, and a problem with Dad's brakes. But we still had a fun time, despite numb feet and very wet clothes (and skin) by the end.

Dad talking to the repairman, who loved his bike. It may be made bike of the week on the store's website.

At the Astoria rest stop, we added our banana peels to the compost pile.

At mile 30

At mile 42, waiting to get onto the Staten Island Ferry.

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Sarah said...

This definately goes into the FDM category but looks like you had fun. Hopefully the weather will improve for Kate's birthday weekend.