Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Photos of the Yankee Game

I still think the Yankees should have gone the Fenway route, I still think it is horrible the team took over one of the few parks in the area, I still take glee in the empty over-priced seats, still obscene even now than the prices have been cut in half. But, I gotta say, the new stadium is a nice place to see a ball game. So along with cell phones and blogging and Facebook and Monster Energy Drink, the new stadium goes into the category of things I found kind of gross until I embraced them. Apparently I am very callow and easily bought.

Of course, the Yankees had a pathetic outing. The crowd got the most excited during a montage of Paul O'Neill's greatest moments played to "I Am the Warrior," a depressing reminder of how the mighty have fallen.

More pictures of the game and the bike ride are on Flickr.

Photographing the entrance.

These garlic fries are really terrific.

Slightly obstructed view from our seats in the back row, almost all the way over to the left. Cost $35 on stubhub. Too much money for a baseball game.

Calvin tweeting the game. We also posted to Facebook, texted, and, I think, called people on our cell phones, although maybe that is too passe.

If you click on this picture and enlarge it, you can see how many empty seats are behind home plate. Even now that these seats are half price.

We were all excited about the cup holders. And getting commemorative cups. In fact we collected empty cups on our way out, ending up with about 20 between the four of us.

We really liked our free caps.

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Trish said...

Great pictures, Kate. Clearly, another wonderful Spring weekend.