Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Geneva May 2009

Neilson and I had a brief but fun trip to Geneva this weekend. Highlights included eating at Connie's Diner, going to Eliza's rained out softball game (although she got a hit before the torential downpour began), seeing Mom (Trish) and Anders mow the law, watching Eliza and Anders play with the helicopters, the general sense of happiness that GrandMary felt well enough to come home from the hospital, watching the Preakness, and watching Sonja be cute. You can see the rest of Neilson's pictures on Flickr.


Sarah said...

These are fabulous. Thank you Neilson and Kate.

Trish said...

Wonderful, wonderful pics. And the ones on Flickr are also wonderful. I love it that people's faces are so often in the moment -- just oblivious to the camera.

jody said...

Looks like so much fun!