Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coney Island

On Sunday, Neilson and I headed out to Coney Island. I didn't go last summer, not even for the Mermaid Parade, and I missed it. I'm not sure what the state of the development plan is now with the economic downturn, but I'm happy to report that its seedy charm, for now, is pretty much intact. In recent years, Coney Island has gotten even better, in my opinion, as it has become a great place to get Mexican food. We had delicious tacos, took a dip, and drank icy Coronas on the beach out of brown paper bags, which we purchased from someone selling them out of a backpack. Later we had a Coney Island classic--soft serve twists. (When I was little, the only place I ever had soft serve was the one week we went Cape Cod each July. There must have been other places where I could have had it, but I don't remember it ever being an option. So, therefore, I still consider it a special treat, even though I now live in a city where it is sold on every other corner all summer long.)


Kym said...

Looks like a fabulous beach day!

Trish said...

I want those tacos. And the line drink too.