Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Comic Con

A few more pics from San Diego.

Calvin accepting award at the Eisner ceremony for Matt Baker, a pioneer African American cartoonist who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Derek Kirk Kim with Kolbe Yang, cartoonist Gene Yang's son at their table in Artist's Alley.

Ludacris is a Comic Con regular now.

Scott McCloud and Brian Lee O'Malley- Scott Pilgrim movie coming soon!


I loved her outfit.

My friend Susan with the Poketo folks- great stuff as always! Susan and I had a wonderful time walking the floor and shopping.

Many fans.

Transformers. This is a franchise I don't really relate to, though they look pretty cool, I think its the voices.

All Con coverage must have a Wonder Woman pic.


Kate C. said...

Sonja might need that Wonder Woman outfit in a few years.

Sarah said...

Go Wonder Woman! I can already share some of my adult aquired Wonder Woman gear with Sonja when she is old enough. I think my childhood underoos are history; however, I have benefited from the new interest in super heroes and have many wonder woman items. She is getting ready and getting tougher by playing hockey with her brother and Dak and generally chasing Anders down as much as possible.

As for Homer, Anders has a recently aquired invisible friend named Homar. We think the name is morphed from Omar Cummings, a star on the local pro soccer team, and Homer Simpson. Quite a combo. Homar joined our family in Seattle and generally makes appearences when none of Anders' friends are around to play. He really likes to ride on Anders' shoulder. he also almost 4 and was born on 8/19 at 8:30 am just like Anders.

jody said...

I am looking forward to getting some Wonder Woman gear for Sonja. Homar sounds like a wonderful guy, I hope to get to meet him.