Friday, June 02, 2006

Elvis Takes a Bath

Elvis is a very sedentary cat. His big move during the day is moving from the bed to the food bowl and back. But he is very industrious when it comes to cleaning himself. Despite my rather lackluster housekeeping efforts, his white feet and belly are always spotless. His bathing accomplishments are even more impressive when you consider he has eighteen pounds of kitty to cover.


Molly said...

You are lucky, Capers is so lazy sometimes that I have to use kitty baby wipes on him. He is always dirty because his favorite activity is rolling in dirt.

Kate C. said...

Audrey is very lazy when it comes to cleaning as well. She often has dandruff. But she is very active otherwise--lots of running in circles in the middle of the night.

Laurence said...

That last one of Elvis is great... can I add it to the COTC banner? Thanks,