Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple you irritate me

I've been waiting to buy a new computer until the new Macbooks with the aluminum case were released. Which happened yesterday. And I was all set to buy one until I learned the new Macbooks don't have a firewire port. Which means my external hard drive--just purchased at Christmas--and my iPod won't work on it. (And yes, that means I have a really old iPod, but I embrace the unAmerican idea that you use electronics until they break). I really don't understand what Mac was thinking--the lower end MacBook, which is still in the white plastic case (which I never liked)--still has a firewire port and so does the MacBook pro. I read in many of the heated discussions on this topic online that Apple previously shipped a MacBook pro without a firewire port, but people were so upset that the company changed the design quickly. (This doesn't matter to me, but apparently a lot of video stuff requires firewire, meaning a lot of expensive video cameras can't be attached to the new computers). So now I don't know what do--buy the white computer I think is ugly, buy the new MacBook and run my iPod off of my old computer, or just wait and see if Apple sees how irritated people are makes a change. Where is that hipster now to explain things. I realize the whole Apple plan is to make things obsolete as quickly as possible, but just grrr.


jody said...

Yes, it is infuriating.

Kym said...

I empathize with you, but what I have never understood is how you keep your electronics from breaking sooner. I too use mine until they die but still find myself replacing them with much greater frequency than you. How do you do it?

Kate C. said...

I'm not sure why my electronics last so long, although it might be partly that I don't use them that much. My first phone lasted forever, but my second one only lasted 2 and 1/2 years, maybe because I got rid of my land line and used it all the time. I use my I-Pod mostly to work out and on trips. Maybe now that I have started to listen to the Planet Money on the way to work each day, it may start showing signs of age.