Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colorado no longer a swing state?

According to some reports, McCain is giving up on Colorado. I did not see that coming--Denverites, do you have any perspective on this?

And will Palin and McCain continue the character smears as Obama goes to the side of his ailing grandmother?


Trish said...

I read this too, although McCain is denying it and one way to track this is money. He says he is spending $500k per week, less tan Obama but still a lot. Also, the Rasmussem poll for Colorado has Obama five points up as of this morning, and of course, most people we know are Obama-bound.

Then again, Sarah has doctor-friends in Washington park who observed someone walking a big dog up to their Obama yard sign and having the dog pee on it, so we can't be too confident.

jody said...

There is no doubt that the smears will continue- I heard that now they are calling him a communist.