Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12, the good and the bad

Good: I bought a dress for $20 at Old Navy that looks like like something that would sell for $200 at Anthropologie.

Bad: I accidentally bought chunky peanut butter instead of smooth. Yuck.

Good: Someone offered me a free ticket to Hedda Gabler, starring Mary Louise Parker. It has gotten pretty miserable reviews, but I'm still excited.

Bad: Neilson had to have an emergency root canal after a night of excruciating pain.

Good: I had the day off, for Lincoln's birthday.

So all in all a good day for me, but a pretty miserable one for Neilson.


Trish said...

maybe you can take the peanut butter back?

Trish said...

and of course, I hope Neilson feels better soon!

jody said...

Eventful day. Hope Neilson feels better.

Molly said...

send me the peanut butter I love chuncky