Thursday, February 05, 2009


Kate asked me for some information on the Spanish podcast and newsletter I talked about in a previous post. I'm finally getting around to providing the info. Sorry about the delay.

The site for the newsletter is You can sign up for the newsletter and download some free materials from the site. They also have programs you can buy. They have message boards to practice your spanish and ask questions as well. You can find them on iTunes under the Notes in Spanish name as well and they have lots of free podcasts.

A recent newsletter sent out some information about a networking site for people trying to learn different languages. I just signed up. It is free and they have lots of exercises to try out but more importantly you can connect with people willing to practice speaking with you. You should check it out.

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jody said...

Sounds great, thanks Kym. I have been interested in learning Japanese again and subscribed to a podcast, I think I need some exercises too, though.