Friday, February 20, 2009

A Sole Culkin in a Family Death March

As many of you know, Marc is participating in the 2009 Hustle Up the Hancock this weekend. It involves running up the 94 stories of the John Hancock building, which, honestly, sounds miserable. There was actually an article on "tower running" in the NY Times Style Section, so apparently this is a cool thing to do. My favorite quote from the article: "Mr. Loy described some drawbacks to tower running. 'The lactic acid production is high,' he said. 'And the higher you go, the worse you feel.'" Marc had wondered if only one Culkin was participating it could still be a Family Death March;if there was any doubt, I think that quote would make me answer yes.

Marc is participating as a member the Abbot Lungbusters, and the team is raising money for the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHAMC)Click here for Marc's fund raising page, if you would like to contribute. He has promised pictures.


Molly said...

I agree, I cannot imagine a worse experience. What happens is you just cant go on, do they let you out? Do people push you? Doesn't the stairway get stuffy and really hot? Are there water stops? Where are the water stops?

Of course this all makes it an awesome family death march. I think that Marc has just thrown down a new gauntlet.

Sarah said...

New gauntlet is right. Way to go Marc but this pushes voluntary pain to a new level.

jody said...

Go Marc!