Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strange Red Carpet Moment

I was watching the Academy Awards Red Carpet show on E! and I was startled by a new graphics technology applied to the footage. Actually, it is an old technology- drawing little x's and o's as in a football game, but now on the dresses of the stars and starlets. They actually were tracing the lines of the gowns in what looked like blue magic marker as they praised or panned the outfits. Weird! Is this new?


Kate C. said...

Wasn't it called something like the Glamatron. I found it very distracting. I'm enjoying Tim Gunn on ABC now. I am very touched that Mickey Rourke is wearing a picture of Loki around his neck.

Sarah said...

I also saw this unique use of sports related technology. They were using it to outline the beading and decorations on some of the gowns. I think they can leave the highlighter at home next year.