Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Few Questions

1) Isn't February a sweeps month? Then why are there so many repeats?

2) Why isn't Bruce Springsteen's song from the Wrestler nominated for an Oscar? I've only heard snatches of it, but my guess is it is better than the song from Wall-E. (Not that I have heard that song either).

3) Has anyone watched the Mentalist? Is it good?

4) Why isn't the British Life on Mars on Netflix?


Molly said...

I started watching the Mentalist and it is good, if only for the main actor who is funny and intriguing.

Who knows what TV is doing these days? I fell like the writer strike is still impacting everything.

Kym said...

I liked Wall-E. I don't really remember the song though.

jody said...

I really like Life on Mars. I forgot to DVR last week's episode, won't happen again.

Kate C. said...

You can watch Life on Mars online.