Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beach Volleyball- Will It Ever End?

Why does beach volleyball get more coverage than any other sport in the Olympics? (why am I asking?) And why does it go on and on- will it ever end? The massive number of swimming events are over, and yet there are still more beach volleyball games.

Heidi MacDonald, Calvin's co-editor of PW Comics Week, posted on her blog The Beat about the rise of beach volleyball and sad demise of women's softball in the Olympics.


Kate C. said...

To make matters worse, one of the Americans thanked "Mr. President" after they won. And the other one, I think, was sprinkling her mother's ashes on the court. (I was half asleep, but I think that is what she said.)

Kym said...

Whether you like beach volleyball or not, I have to respectfully disagree with comments (not made by anyone here) about it not really being a sport. It gets boring to watch that much coverage of any sport unless you are an avid fan, and while I have no doubt that the excessive coverage has quite a bit to do with their bikini style uniforms, I do not see how this affects whether it is a sport or not. After all, the woman who won the marathon wore something very similar and no one is questioning whether that is a sport. It takes a lot of strength, power, and skill to play 2 person volleyball in the sand and it is not surprising that a sport that developed on the beach has bathing suit style uniforms. Besides, what is wrong with healthy strong and fed female bodies being displayed in sport.