Saturday, August 30, 2008

High TV Ratings for Democratic Convention

This convention was the most-watched of either party since Nielsen began measuring convention ratings in 1960.

Obama's speech had 39.3 million viewers. Not quite as many as watched Michael Phelps win his last race, but more than watched the Olympic opening ceremony.

Go Obama/Biden 2008!


Kate C. said...

Does this include people who watched it on the internet. Neilson and I watched the live stream from MSNBC the night of Obama's speech and it was really much better than watching it on TV. I watched some of the DVRed regular MSNBC covereage the next day, as surpised by how much was cut away from to hear Chris Matthews babble on. Including a group of high-ranking retired military people, who came out in support of Barack, that didn't make it to TV. And I can't remember if the "average Americans" made it to TV. Although it was cool on the broadcast version to hear Pat Buchan (sp?) rave about the speech.

jody said...

It doesn't count internet or dvr viewers. A lot more people.

I found the tv coverage irritating too. It is strange to be agreeing with Pat Buchanan.