Sunday, August 10, 2008

Governor's Island

Yesterday, Neilson and I went to Governor's Island. The excursion offered several things we like: the chance to ride a ferry, the chance to be on an island, the chance to ride our bikes on car-free streets, the chance to see old buildings and learn about the history of NYC, and the chance to do something cool without spending any money. An added bonus is that one of the Eliasson waterfalls is on the island and we got a view of two of the others from the ferry. There were also historical re-enactors, although we steered pretty clear of them.

Later in the day, we met some friends for dinner at the Pakistani Tea House and went to see Pineapple Express. Which is pretty funny.


jody said...

Looks like fun- I always wanted to go there.

Trish said...

This was a great excursion. I need to learn more about these waterfalls.