Sunday, August 17, 2008

Firechief Birthday

Anders will turn 3 this week. Given that his birthday is in the middle of the week and we are leaving for New Hampshire on Wednesday, we decided to have a small party for him this weekend. Festivities started Thursday night at Dak and Trish's house. Anders had his first ever short ribs, some potatoes, tomatoes, and black olives (one of his favorites). He then opened some presents including a zoo feeding station, a fire chief car, some puzzles, and a new firefighter monkey named Sparky which Eliza chose for him.

I wasn't up for a huge party this year, so last night we had his neighborhood friends to the house. We were supposed to meet at the pool but had an unbelievable downpour most of the day. The party got moved inside to our house but the kids didn't seem to care. They got to run around and play, and the parents got to hang around and drink beer (except me of course). We had a a picnic type dinner (I think our neighbors were a little astounded by how much beef I cooked but most was eaten by the end of the night). We lost a neighbor or two to early bedtimes before cake but Dak's presence made up for that. After all the guests left, Dak, Andy, and Anders went to the backyard to play T-Ball in the dark with Anders new T-Ball set. Here are some photos.

Chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling and buttercream icing. From Child's Pastry Shop (where all of Kate and my B-day cakes were made).

End of the night, even the Olympic Coverage could not keep him awake.


Kate C. said...

Happy Birthday Firechief! I hope you have a great "real" birthday as well. That looks like a tasty birthday cake.

jody said...

Happy birthday! I wish I had been at the party. Anders is adorable as always.

flo said...

Happy Birthday, Anders, my buddy! That cake brings back memories of those Child's cakes. Yum. Three year olds are the Best!