Friday, August 01, 2008

Hurray for OT

Lifting Pie into Oven

This is a testament to Occupational Therapy and Rehab Services in general, not mention Mom's determination to get well. I'm taking copies of these pictures to the Finger Lakes Visiting Nurse Group so they can see a success firsthand. (Maybe Grandmary can become a poster elder for their next marketing campaign!)

As you can see, she has returned full time to apple pie baking and grilled cheese making, not to mention full dinners of many kinds (not shown).

Grilled Cheese and Mustard Pickles

Pie Prep 1

Pie Prep 2

Right Out of The Oven (Taken out by Mom)

Finished Product


Kate C. said...

Great news. Although now I really want one of Grandmary's grilled cheese sandwiches and a piece of apple pie.

jody said...

That is really great news. It makes me hungry too.