Friday, August 15, 2008

Otis turns one

Neilson's nephew Otis turned one on Tuesday and had a party in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. There were many children and one nervous dog in attendance. There was some disgruntlement among the children that his maternal grandmother choose carrot cake as the birthday dessert, but pizza and chocolate chip cookies helped make up for that. (I love carrot cake now, but I remember being a little horrified that Flooey had it has wedding cake. Of course, it turned out I had scarlet fever at the time, so no food sounded good. If it had been Betsy's carrot cake, I'm sure even scarlet fever would not have kept me from liking it.) A good time was had by all, although, as usual, Otis was happiest when being held by his dad. I believe the first of Ander's birthday parties if tonight, and I can't wait to see pictures.(Photos by Neilson).

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jody said...

The little guy is so cute! Happy birthday Otis!