Thursday, July 31, 2008

All Done

Today was the last day of the Bar. My hand is slightly numb and I am tired but I made it through. My good friend Aldo who has run a marathon and I agreed that today was eerily similar to mile 23 where you are pretty sure you are going to just fall over.

I am a big believer in good luck clothing so I was prepared. On every day I wore a shirt that belonged to Granddad in hopes that his knowledge would somehow seep into me. I also wore my favorite long sleeve shirt which is my 2002 patriots shirt from the wonderful Denver Culkins. I topped it all off with my warm Tulane sweatshirt that Dad bought me. Why so many clothes you ask? Well it is 100 degrees outside and about 45 degrees in the Alzafar Shriner Temple.

We took the bar in a large room that had an awesome disco ball in the center. The lobby was full of pictures of kids with scary clowns. I do however think that is is good luck for me to take the bar in a Shriner Temple since they did help me walk straight.

Jerry and I are going out tonight for margaritas and I am sleeping all day! Thanks for all the good thoughts.


Kym said...

Congratulations Molly! Have some fun and get lots of sleep. You have earned it.

jody said...

Go Molly! You have been working so hard. I hope you guys have a great evening.

Sir Rangar "Virgin Song" Batincock III said...

Congrats cousin!

Kate C. said...

Congratulations Molly. Have a good rest. Watch some trashy TV.

Trish said...

May the wind just abate for a few days, Molly. Enough of it always being at your back. Congratulations, and take lots of time for yourself in the next little while.