Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anders Finn

My nephew Anders Finn Mengshol will turn two weeks old tomorrow. He not only shares his birthday with Bill Clinton, as I mentioned below, but also Coco Channel. So he should be quite a charismatic, stylish little fellow. Below is a message my sister Sarah recently sent to the rapidly growing Anders Fan Club.


Thanks to all for your good wishes. We are doing really well, if a little tired. Anders is a wonderful baby so far; he is perfectly healthy and is starting to gain his weight back. I really can't believe how amazing this all is. Part of me wants him to stay little forever and part is excited to see him grow and learn. For now I am content to hold him all the time. Andy has been home which has been great. He goes back to work Thurs and I will definitely miss the family time together. Luckily he now gets some weekends off and we will make the best of his time out of the hospital.

We have had a lot of questions about his name. Anders is the Norwegian Andrew; we had actually picked that name out a long time ago and kept coming back to it. Since we had a Norwegian name for Andy's heritage, we wanted an Irish name for mine. We both just liked Finn.

Hope all is going well. More later.


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