Monday, September 19, 2005

Things to throw into conversation

I find that conversations are often boring, at least after about 10 mins. Here are some phrases you can use to spice up your conversations. I sadly can't take credit for any of them, but I do use them often. It is especially helpful when to say them and don't skip a beat afterward.

-If you didn't have that baby I'd hit you so hard right now! (My lovable cousin Adam)
-Why you gotta be like that way (All kids in Port Isabel)
-George Bush doesn't care about Black people (Kanye)
-I'm just making groceries (New Orleans phrase, actually means that you are cooking. I use it when people constantly ask me what I am doing)
-See I'm a good fisher (Frankie, a PI student)

I will continue to add to the list, as they come to me. Let me know if you have sucess with any of them. The third one is of course particularly topical at the moment, it really seems to drive my conservative classmates crazy.


Kate C. said...
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Kym said...

Molly, you forgot another favorite from this summer.

--You're my favorite teacher Miss/Sir. (or, when wishing to take back approval -- You're not my favorite teacher no more.) said by the aforementioned fisher, Frankie. Make sure to say these as fast as possible to achieve maximum effect.