Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Have To Get Out Of Here

And sooner, rather than later. I came to the full force of this realization this morning as I was arriving at work. I was greeted by a W bumper sticker, only one of many in the parking lot and immediately felt myself become somewhat crabby, an unfortunate state of being that is becoming rather habitual for me. For those of you who know me, most everyone that reads this site, you might be thinking to yourself, And? Okay, so I would not win any prizes for being a Judy-friendly, and neither would I want them, but trust me, this is a new crabby, one brought on by the current political scene and spending this last year among ignorant and ill-informed people. It used to sadden me. Now it just makes me cranky.

All of this was already stirring in my mind when I was assaulted by yet another sign, this one on the school wall as you enter the building calling everyone to a morning of prayer at the flagpole tomorrow morning. Not just a handmade poster either, an official poster with only the date filled in by hand. And mind you, I work at a PUBLIC SCHOOL. Now again, nothing against prayer. Nothing against those who pray. I pray. I go to church, not always, but enough. And yet, I work in a PUBLIC SCHOOL where all sporting events are started by a prayer. Faculty breakfasts begin with prayers and last year the principal of the high school declared it a Purpose Driven School. It is just too much. I have to get out of here before I begin to hate these people. Currently they just make me cranky. They don't deserve my hate. 4 months and counting. At least I will have several days in New York in October to take the edge off.

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