Friday, September 16, 2005

Kids are cute. With kitties they are cuter.

I really do enjoy getting pictures of people's children. I admit, however, that I enjoy these pictures even more when they include cats as well as kids. My sister recently sent the above pictures, along with the following update about how her two cats--Farley and Amelia--are faring in light of the arrival of Anders.

Many of you have asked how the cats are adjusting to Anders. They seem to be adjusting and Farley has stopped hissing at the baby. They both still take every opportunity to be with us when we don't have the baby. Amelia slept under the covers for over an hour while I napped last weekend. See the attached picture of Andy labeled "Dadcat" for last night's example. Also included are a few pictures of the baby and the cats for size comparison.



Molly said...

I don't know if there are any pictures with me and our cat when I was a baby but my Mom always said that she would jump in the crib with me and sleep and Grandma Florence would get so upset.

The cat later turned on me and only loved Kym but for a brief moment she loved my crib.

Kym said...

Dinah loved Mom too. And we aren't sure that she didn't love you, she just loved terrorizing you more.

I miss Dinah, not because she loved to torture Molly, but just because she was awesome. She was, after all, my first kittah. I should find and post that picture of us together on my birthday. She was the best birthday surprise ever.