Monday, September 19, 2005

Robert Smithson's Floating Island

This is a photo of "Floating Island to Travel Around Manhattan Island" by Robert Smithson, you can see it travelling around Manhattan pulled by a tugboat until September 25th, from 8 AM to 8 PM.

"Floating Island" is beautiful, somewhat awkward, strangely poetic and very funny, like much of Smithson's work. He died in 1973 at 35, and has continued to have an enormous influence on generations of artists who followed him.

There was an opening for this piece early last Saturday evening. Hundreds of art lovers raced from one side of a pier in the Hudson River to the other to get a better view, as the tugboat captain manuevered the piece around to show it off, in some kind or art world/acquatic runway walk. It was fun.


Kate C. said...

This is so cool. And sort of creep and sad. I love New York.

Kate C. said...

Neilson and I were just eating lunch on Pier 11, on the East River. I looked up and there was the floating island going by! It was so wonderful for it just to float into view like that.