Friday, September 16, 2005

Buy the Poncho Martha Made Famous?

I love Martha Stewart. I really do. And I think a lot of the criticism and venom directed towards her relates to the fact even in 2005 a lot of people can't deal with a strong, successful woman. I just received an e-mail from Martha Stewart Living, however, that makes me think she may have gone off the deep end. The subject line is, "Buy the Poncho Martha Made Famous." The copy explains, "Now you can own this unique, handmade poncho, inspired by the thoughful gift that made news headlines." In case you don't follow Martha's career as closely as I do, this is a reference to the poncho that she wore when she was released from prison, made and given to her by a fellow inmate. The poncho retails for $49.99 and the company is promising to donate the profits to "women and families in need," including victims of Katrina, which, I guess, makes it a little less tacky. I hope one of the people who receives some of that money is the incarcarated woman who made Martha the "thoughful gift." In case you think I'm kidding, or if you want a poncho, visit

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Molly said...

I may have only in law school for a month but I am pretty sure that the designer of the poncho has some claim to all the money. Martha just won't take that thing off, she wears it all the time. I actually may start watching the Apprentice again, her version of course, she is so great.