Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Daily Driveway moments

I have begun to listen to NPR all the time now, especially when I drive to and from school. I have always loved NPR but being away from Washington somehow makes me crave news like a crazy person. I often have what many people refer to as driveway moments when I don't want to get out my car because of a story. This is really saying something because it is still in the upper 90s and often in the low 100s and the air conditioning in my car died for the second time this year after my cross country drive. To say the least a story better be really good to make me want to sit in my car for even one second longer. I thought it might be cool to post those silly little tidbits of driveway moments and see if anyone else had the same ones. I can't gurantee that they will always be from NPR, a few from the WB or MTV might make it in, hey I can't be pretentious all the time.

Here is my first
There is a National Guard soilder serving in Iraq from New Orleans who used to study and play with Ellis Marsalis (Wynton's Dad) in a trio. I think that I have probably seen him preform. Anyway he began making music on his laptop when he got to Iraq. The music is very electronic and mixes several different types of recordings, from static to conversations of soilders. He is supposed to return home next week, but to what city is the question. His story was so interesting and he spoke about Iraq in an interesting and almost disconnected way, while still being heart breaking.

The story can be heard at. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4856428 and his music can be heard at http://www.wativ.com/index.html

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jody said...

I am obsessed with NPR right now as well. Here is a link to the transcript of a piece by John Hochenberry about Katrina and the response that was on The Infinite Mind. A thoughtful commentary, aired in New York at 7AM on Sunday. (Why was I awake? Don't know).

Commentary by John Hochenberry on NPR