Thursday, July 03, 2008

Asta Arrives

So as some of you may know, the Neck family has recently welcomed the arrival of a new canine member. Oso is delighted at the chance to shape a mini-me, although he remains discouraged at the new arrival's enjoyment of rain. He remains hopeful that she will eventually understand how very scary it really is.

Sorry about the delay in the photos, but post-wedding my camera went missing. We eventually gave up looking and just used Betsy's.

We came home one day and John was sleeping in the hammock with Oso and Asta. He said the hammock didn't count as furniture because it swings, thereby making it a toy. He says Asta is allowed to play with toys even if she isn't allowed on furniture. His verdict has stood. Who are we to argue with such rock solid logic?

Asta is convinced that Gomez is her 2nd best friend, after Oso of course. Gomez remains unconvinced, but he does let Asta lick his face. Asta is still working her charm on Weese and Cab. They are less easy going then Gomez, although in truth, they too have been rather chill about the new arrival.

We had a health scare this weekend and almost lost Asta. Molly's vet saved the day. That brings his tally to 3 Neck pets saved. We love him. Asta is doing great now and we think she will be okay. Well wishes are still appreciated, however.


Kate C. said...

What a cutie! Is she named after the dog in the Thin Man? I'm glad she weathered the health crisis.

Kym said...

She is named after that terrier. Matt and I both love those films and it seemed to fit her.

jody said...

She is so adorable!